How much sex do you need to have in your life?

Does sex have its limit or not: the most important question which need to be answer, when you haven’t executed sex for the past three months or if the person who is performing sex are suitable in a rapidly in a public restroom, there’s no other reason when you can zone off the confusing question, Does sex has its limit and how much sex does an individual need to have in his whole life? There’s no answer to that question hence, but this has in no other way stopped sex-experts from stopping to hunt an answer. Time and again, the lot of research studies on this topic which tell us how much sex is ideal for our age and relationship status. However, are we any less mystified or not?

How much sex does need to have: A recalculated referable study attempted to know how does and how much sex effect people of different age groups who are in the relationship or married couples. The study determined that at an average rate of recurrence of sex in people aged 18 to 29 was twice a week, or 112 times in a year. For the ones aged between 40 and 49, it was 69 times in a year approximately. And age group between 30 and 39 years were 90 times in a year as it was studied.

Although it depends on you and on your partner how well chemistry between you to exist, according to this research you need to follow this recommended age group plan and then having the beautiful moment with your partner.

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